Week #3 Review March 4-March 10
Partnerships🤝, verified artists🎨, building👨‍💻

This week was quiet… or so it would seem. In reality, we have been hard-at-work in the background: bringing verified artists on board, developing partnerships with some of the biggest names in the BSC DeFi space and building a platform good enough to compete with Opensea and Rarible in aesthetics, fees, usability, tokenomics and more. Let us take you through what has happened behind the scenes in week 3.

Over 35 Verified Artists

It’s important for us to launch with NFT content for our users to discover and explore, with this in mind, we have signed up and verified over 35 artists on our NFT marketplace! This is absolutely incredible and we are excited to welcome every new artist to our platform. We are always looking for more good artists, not just artwork, Goatcha will also be the marketplace for Music & Video NFTs. If you are an artist/creator who is interested in becoming verified on Goatcha then please sign up at: https://t.co/7N9oldUjZ3?amp=1


An important part of any new platform like ours is to develop long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with great projects! We are proud to say that we have made agreements with several top projects who want to be a part of what we are doing. We cannot currently disclose any specific details and we will announce who we have partnered with in due course, so keep your eyes peeled.


Our ever-growing team is currently working tirelessly to bring you BSC’s number 1 NFT marketplace!
There will be a complete article about the finer details of how to use Goatcha! Our NFT marketplace will be ready around March 20th. Our main priority is to create the platform to be an awesome experience from the get-go.


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