Week #2 Review Feb 25 — March 3

The main headlines this week for Goatcha include audits, more $GOAT locked away, dev hiring as we edge closer to the launch of our NFT marketplace. Check out what we’ve been up to this past week and where we are headed next!

Achievements & Updates

Audited by Vidar
  • Due to popular demand, we locked up 250 $GOAT, which will be unocked at a rate of 50 $GOAT per month (https://twitter.com/Goatcha_io/status/1365687323682299906)
  • Snapshot page has been created for Goatcha governance so our community can create proposals and vote on key developments. Holders of $GOAT will be able to vote. (https://snapshot.page/#/goatcoin.eth)
  • Goatcha will be our primary brand name for our platform and marketplace.
  • We have formed some agreements with exciting projects to list their NFTs on our marketplace. This is an important step towards building a community of artists and collectors to our marketplace.
  • Hiring to extend our current team has commenced and we have brought onboard a couple of devs to help with backend and smart contract development.

What's Next

We are formulating plans around competitions and marketing to accelerate the growth of our creator and collector community so that Goatcha will be a thriving marketplace when it launches.
Design and build of Goatcha continues, and we will share some sneak peeks when we are happy with the designs (we have a high bar for quality).

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