Launching 50 $GOAT for 50 Days Liquidity Mining


The first week for GOAT has been an amazing one and we thank all of our herders for giving us so much support. We are blessed to have you with us. We are glad to announce that the fair launch liquidity mining program is now live!

We previously allocated 260 $GOAT to the LP on Pancakeswap and 300 $GOAT were sold at pre-sale. For the next 50 days, a total of 50 $GOAT will be distributed through LP token staking as rewards. The remainder will be allocated to our NFT creation incentive pool and to Pancakeswap’s Syrup Pool depositors.

All of this brings us one step closer to the launch of the GOAT NFT marketplace!

Updated Token Supply Stats

TOTAL GOAT supply— 999

Pre-sale — 300

LP Pool — 260.

Dev funds locked (1 year) — 99

Staking Rewards — 50

(Remaining GOAT to be distributed — 290)

How to deposit GOAT/BNB to get LP tokens

1. Go to and make sure you have GOAT and BNB in your wallet.

2. Click on ‘ADD LIQUIDITY’ and select GOAT and BNB. Type in the amount you would like to deposit and it will tell you how much of the other you need.

3. When you’re done, click supply and accept the transaction in your browser wallet. You will now have the LP tokens in your wallet

4. Go over to and deposit your LP tokens. Accept the transaction in your browser wallet.

5. Earn GOAT.

A look at the past eventful 7 days in numbers:

4400+ transactions completed

750+ new members joined our Telegram group at:

320+ total $goat herders

99 GOAT tokens locked 1 year

3 fud attempts

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