Introducing Butter - a GOAT companion

We are happy to announce a new companion for GOAT. Butter ($BUTT) allows 2 way conversion between $BUTT and $GOAT. This offers a bridge function to redenominate GOAT into BUTT deonminated at a 1 million $BUTT to $GOAT.

What is $BUTT?

Butter is a partner token to GOAT. Holders of GOAT can exchange their GOAT token for BUTT at a rate of 1 GOAT: 1,000,000 BUTT. This exchange rate is fixed and you can exchange BUTT back into GOAT anytime you wish. BUTT is always fully backed by GOAT and you can always swap it back at the fixed rate. GOAT owners will be able to mint BUTT (and vice versa).

Benefits of BUTT x GOAT

Due to the limited supply of GOAT (999 total tokens), BUTT solves any concerns that GOAT will be inaccessible to traders when they see a high price. Due to the 1 million to one bidirectional peg it will make trading in GOAT more accessible to traders and users.
We will also be adding the capability to use BUTT in the gotcha marketplace at

Where can i swap BUTT:GOAT

Butter will be available to mint and swap with GOAT at (soon). We will be adding additional LP pools on pancake swap for trading with Butter in due course.





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