Gotcha Creativity Contest - Prizes for the top 10!

The time has come to show us your creative juices and show our community your amazing talents and creativity. We are holding a contest where we will issue prizes to the best 10 submissions with a total prize pool of $2000 in the form of beautiful Goatcoin

What can I submit as Entries?

We are happy to receive submissions of any type, art, videos, music, photos, handicrafts, memes all are accepted. They can be funny, artistic, intriguing. We’re looking for effort, imagination and top entertainment to showcase the pool of talent that lives in our community, and the best entries will be handsomely rewarded. Everyone is welcome to join the contest, the more imaginative your entries the better.
That’s right, I said entries, you can enter multiple times, as many times as you like.

What are the judging criteria?

- Entries should be Gotcha related.
- Judges look for originality and creativity. Do something that is unique and different from the rest.
- Effort! Someone who creates something original, over a copy and paste submission will be looked on much more favourably

The team will go through all the submissions and pick the winners.


trophy 1st Place — $600 in GOAT coin
second_place 2nd Place — $300 in GOAT coin
third_place 3rd Place — $250 in GOAT coin
medal 4th Place — $200 in GOAT coin
medal 5th place — $150 in GOAT coin
medal 6th through 10th — $100 in GOAT coin

How to submit your entries:

Entries are to be made only through Twitter. Post your work with mentioning $GOAT , tag and follow @gotchadotgg . We care about the quality of your creations. The number of followers, likes or retweets makes no difference!
Submissions close on the 30th of June at 23:00 UTC time.

Winners will be announced one week later.

Get your creative juices flowing!

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