Roadmap | Q2 2021 – Q4 2021

It’s the beginning of Q2, here is what we have in plan and what to look forward to as we build out a comprehensive marketplace for NFTs.

We are here to upgrade the NFT space with innovations!

Q2 2021 - Let’s get the party started

Launch of Marketplace

First and foremost, our number 1 priority is to have the marketplace up and running. You can see the design from our sneek peek and we will be launching with partnerships in place and fully support atomic trading with a variety of different tokens. NFTs created using Goatcha will be hosted using IPFS.

NFT Farming

Not only will Goatcha be a place to buy and sell NFTs, we’ll be the place to farm NFTs working with partners to provide a place for you to stake tokens and earn NFTs.

Certik Audit

We will be following with more audits, this time with Certik, we want to provide a secure marketplace and the audit will help us to make Goatcha better, more secure and iron out potential security bugs.

PancakeSwap Staking Pools
We're planning on adding staking pools in pancakeswap so that you canyou can stake Cake to earn $GOAT or vice versa

Marketplace Liquidity Mining
Earn $GOAT by performing various activites on Goatcha such as buying or selling NFTs and collectables.

Q3 2021 - Spreading our wings and showing what NFT Defi means

Cross Chain Marketplace

Whilst we will initially launch on BSC, in todays blockchain world, it makes more sense to be chain agnostic and build across multiple chains. We will be looking at expanding out to other chains to support creators who already have a presence in other chains, and to help our existing creators to cross chains.

NFT Borrowing/Lending

NFTs are evolving fast, and will provide different types of utility, and we will be supporting its evolution by providing borrowing and lending capabilities for NFTs. Let’s take for example, a game has NFTs, but you don’t want to sell your game item. Well you could lend it out for someone to borrow and make some income from your NFT, collaterize your NFT and use the collateral to do whatever you like.

Fractional NFT Ownership

$2.9M for Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet.. who can afford that? With fractional ownership, it can be owned by multiple people. Goatcha will let you buy part ownership for NFTs, so those super expensive NFTs that you thought were out of reach, with us, you’ll be able to own a piece of it.

Q4 2021 - Next phase ambition and Phase 2 NFT Defi


We’ll be looking to build an NFT DEX, enabling the exchanging and swapping of one NFT for another NFT.

NFT <> Token pools and DEX

Tokenize your NFT into an ER20 (or equivalent) by wrapping it, this will enable more de-fi like use cases with DEX, token pools providing increase utility for your BFT and its wrapped version.

Onchain dapps and games

We will be building dapps and games in cooperation with partners and other projects to provide more things to support the evolving NFT + defi ecosystem.

These are just some of the features that you will find on Goatcha as we set out on a journey to become the leading NFT marketplace and innovative zone for NFTs.

In the coming days we will write an introduction of Goatcha and an ultimate guide to help you getting started.

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