GOAT weekly airdrop to Gotcha users

We are building GOAT to be the go-ro NFT market place, as part of this roadmap and
to encourage active participation in the gotcha marketplace we will be performing a weekly airdrop of up to 1 GOAT.

Who is eligible to receive GOAT airdrop?

To be eligible for the airdrop, you must be a user of Gotcha.
This means that you have used gotcha to buy or sell NFTs and are eligible for the week in which you are active. You can be eligible for every week where you are active. Weekly activity means you will earn more GOAT

How is the airdropped GOAT distributed?

GOAT is distributed proportionally based on the volume(in $) traded for each address. You can earn more GOAT based on both buying and selling volume of the trades for each address. So what are you waiting for? Get selling and trading your NFTs and you will be nicely rewarded.




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