ditto.money 🤝Gotcha.gg

We are proud to announce that Goatcha has entered into a partnership with ditto.money. Ditto has chosen our marketplace to mint and list their exclusive NFTs. In addition, buyers will be able to purchase NFTs on Goatcha using the $ditto token. This is a major landmark in the development of Goatcha to become a leading NFT marketplace on BSC (…and beyond).


🐐ditto.money NFTs will be added to a ‘featured’ section on the site💜

🐐$ditto added as payment method on Goatcha💜

🐐ditto.money will use Goatcha to mint and sell their NFTs💜

As we continue building Goatcha, we want to prepare for the launch by attracting top projects like ditto.money to our NFT marketplace. We are really looking forward to working with ditto.money and their team.



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