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Goatcoin ($GOAT)

What can I submit as Entries?

We are happy to receive submissions of any type, art, videos, music, photos, handicrafts, memes all are accepted. They can be funny, artistic, intriguing. We’re looking for effort, imagination and top entertainment to showcase the pool of talent that lives in our community, and the best entries will be handsomely rewarded. Everyone is…

Who is eligible to receive GOAT airdrop?

To be eligible for the airdrop, you must be a user of Gotcha.
This means that you have used gotcha to buy or sell NFTs and are eligible for the week in which you are active. You can be eligible for every week where you are active. Weekly activity means you will earn more GOAT

How is the airdropped GOAT distributed?

GOAT is distributed proportionally based on the volume(in…

What is $BUTT?

Butter is a partner token to GOAT. Holders of GOAT can exchange their GOAT token for BUTT at a rate of 1 GOAT: 1,000,000 BUTT. This exchange rate is fixed and you can exchange BUTT back into GOAT anytime you wish. BUTT is always fully backed by GOAT and you can always swap it back at the fixed rate. …

Q2 2021 - Let’s get the party started

Launch of Marketplace

First and foremost, our number 1 priority is to have the marketplace up and running. You can see the design from our sneek peek and we will be launching with partnerships in place and fully support atomic trading with a variety of different tokens. NFTs created using Goatcha will be hosted using IPFS.

NFT Farming

Not only will Goatcha be a place to buy…

Over 35 Verified Artists

It’s important for us to launch with NFT content for our users to discover and explore, with this in mind, we have signed up and verified over 35 artists on our…

Goatcoin ($GOAT)

A meme coin on Binance Smart Chain with only 999 tokens

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